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Safety and security.

Our Caravan Park is located on the guarded territory of the country complex “V Nekotorom Tsarstve” with an area of 17 hectares.

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Maximum comfort.

Our Caravan Park is already equipped with parking places that have electricity (220V), shower, toilet, laundry and cassette drain, cozy gazebo and barbeque places.

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The territory of the Park has a free mini-zoo, playgrounds for children, bicycle and velomobile rent, rope park and many more! On weekends we have craft workshops and animation for kids. There is an indoor waterpark only a 2-minute drive from the Caravan Park.

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Try traditional Russian specialties or modern European cuisine or enjoy our extensive wine list.

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Great location.

One of the oldest Russian cities Ryazan the history of which dates back to 1095 is only 10 km away from the Park. You may visit Ryazan Kremlin, old churches, open-air museum Konstantinovo (the homeland of Sergey Esenin), architecture monuments or Museum of Russian Airborne Troops. Ryazan is one of the nearest cities to the Golden Ring of Russia. The first city of the Golden Ring of Russia - Gus-Khrustalny is only 165 km away from Ryazan.

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Financial advantage.

The cost of your stay includes all the necessary payments whether you are traveling alone or with friends or family. You don’t have to pay extra charges for your family members or pets.